A major challenge facing the East Riding labour market is the disconnect between the aspirations of young people and the realities of available employment. Through the skills pledge we want to connect local businesses with schools, colleges and training providers to better prepare them for the world of work and have the employability skills required to grow our local economy.

Sign up to the pledge and support schools, colleges and training providers:

  • Understand emerging jobs opportunities locally
  • Raise the profile of employer demand for skills
  • Encourage career progression through upskilling
  • Support new and diverse sectors such as rail and carbon capture
  • Improve gender balance in manufacturing and engineering

Why get involved?

  • As an employer you are in a prime position to demonstrate the skills, attributes and qualities required in the workplace
  • Many employers state they find vacancies ‘hard to fill’ due to a lack of applicants with the necessary skills, qualifications or experience; meaning a sometimes lengthy and costly recruitment process
  • Contribute to the development of your future workforce
  • To improve existing employee’s skills e.g. coaching, leadership, communication, presentation and problem solving through working with young people
  • To deliver your social corporate responsibility by working with the local community
  • To develop a better understanding of changes in education
  • To develop partnerships which breakdown barriers between business and education
  • To help education understand the needs of businesses

What can you do?

There are lots of different things that you and your business could do to improve employability skills of young people in the East Riding, below is a list of some of them:

  • Mock interviews
  • CV/Job Application workshops
  • Careers fairs
  • Sector/industry talks in schools, colleges or the Jobcentre
  • Taster days
  • Work experience – providing quality work experience placements
  • Take on an apprentice/graduate
  • Give an hour campaign - Careers and Enterprise Company
  • Become an enterprise adviser - Careers and Enterprise Company
  • Invite education professionals into your workplace to ensure they have access to current relevant information
  • Curriculum Development – working in partnership with a school, college or training provider to develop a range of curriculum resources related to the world of work

How to get involved?

Register your interest by emailing skills.eastriding@eastriding.gov.uk