When it comes to finding a job there isn’t a one stop shop where employers advertise their vacancies. The increased use of technology and of social media means there are lots of ways to look for a job.

Here are some of the key places employers advertise their job vacancies:

Job Vacancy websites

There a number of job vacancy websites that list job vacancies. Some websites advertise a wide range of jobs. Some only advertise industry specific jobs. The majority of these websites allow you to apply online, using a digital version of your CV.

Many job vacancy websites allow you to sign up for email alerts that tell you when an employer advertises a new job vacancy. You may be able to tailor the alert to march your search criteria e.g:

  • Full-time, part-time or temporary work
  • Work in a particular location
  • Jobs that match your skills and experience

Job vacancy websites include:

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies work on the behalf of an employer to find the right people to fill their vacancies.

As a potential employee you apply (usually with a CV) to a recruitment agency. A Recruitment Consultant then matches you to job roles that match your skill set and experience.

Recruitment Agencies generally recruit for jobs that are not usually advertised online or in the press. Some agencies specialise in particular industries, for instance healthcare or manufacturing.

If you decide to use a Recruitment Agency, you’ll need to:

  • Research if they have vacancies in the type of work you are looking for
  • Have an interview with the agency like an interview with an employer
  • Keep in regular contact with the agency and let them know when you're available
  • Ask for feedback if you're not placed in a job
  • Be open to temporary work, as this often leads to permanent positions
  • Let the agency know about any specialist skills you have, for instance touch typing, languages or computer coding

Recruitment Agencies in covering vacancies in the East Riding include:

You can also use Agency Central to search for recruitment agencies in your local area.

Networking & Social Media

Networking sites like LinkedIn let you search for advertised job vacancies. You can apply through your LinkedIn profile or upload your CV. Some recruitment consultants use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates so keep your profile up to date and make it as attractive as possible to recruiters.

Employers also use social media platforms like twitter and Facebook to advertise job vacancies, if you know the sector you’d like to work in or have a particular employer in mind follow them on social media to find out if they are recruiting.

Jobcentre Plus

Visit your local job centre for job vacancies in your local area.

You can also search for job vacancies at Gov.uk

Visit Job Help for tips and guidance on your job search.

Follow your local Job Centre on acebook as they advertise and run local jobs fairs through Facebook.

Jobs/Careers Fairs

Job fairs are events where recruiters come to meet potential employees, these can be industry organised jobs fairs or organised by organisations like jobcentre plus. Most jobs fairs are advertised on social media and in your local newspaper and local radio stations.

National Careers Service

National Careers Service offer careers advice and guidance. You can contact them by phone or webchat.

Advisers have information about which employers are recruiting in your area. They can also tell you about job vacancies, training schemes and apprenticeships.

The National Careers Service has some great information on finding a job.

Are you a young person? Visit www.logonmoveon.co.uk for information and inspiration on finding a career.

Are you an adult? Visit our East riding Employment Education and Skills to see what support is available to you.

Humber Opportunities is a Humber to help you find the right opportunity in your local area.

Useful Links

The National Careers Service has some great information writing a CV.

Are you a young person? Use the CV writer on www.logonmoveon.co.uk to create a CV?

Are you an adult? Visit our East riding Employment Education and Skills to see what support is available to you.

BT – Stand OUT Skills

CV templates can be found from the following sites:

Hire Me - Hear from local employers to gain an understanding of the expectations that employers have when it comes to recruitment. Including CV writing, Assessment Centre, Interview Techniques and Interview Etiquette.